COVID-19 Programs

Program 1

Program 1:

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TAPAT or Tulong at Pampuhunang Ayuda sa Taga-Pasig


Pasig Social Amelioration Program (Pasig SAP)

To supplement the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s Social Amelioration Program and target beneficiaries not covered by the national government agency’s SAP, the City Government alloted budget to cover for 150,000 Pasigueno families.

Mobile Palengke

In order to respond to the basic needs of people and, at the same time, minimize their movement during the lockdown period, the City repurposed trucks into mobile market stalls bringing basic food supplies to communities across the city; Coupons distributed as financial assistance were accepted by the Mobile Palengke

Libreng Hatid for Non-Covid Patients and Libreng Sundo for Frontliners

During the suspension of all forms of public transportation, the City’s transport office launched these twin programs to help non-Covid patients seek medical treatment (dialysis, chemotherapy, etc.) and to help frontliners esp. health workers get to their respective places of work

Declaration of Biking as an Essential Form of Transportation

At the height of the lockdown, the Mayor released an Executive Order declaring biking as an essential form of transportation - allowing bike shops to open for business (sales and repair) and enjoining several City Government offices, led by PasigTransport, to deploy resources to create sidewalk extensions and pop-up bike lanes;

Coupon for the Pasig City Mega Market and the Mobile Palengke

Various coupons were distributed during the lockdown period as a form of financial assistance for select sectors and in order to revive the operations of the Pasig City Mega Market

Community Kitchen

The Pasig City Community Kitchen (PCCK) is a food service unit originally dedicated to prepare meals for the thousands of frontliners that serve during the pandemic; PCCK now supplies food to the City’s various events and even during disasters.

Health-Realted Programs

  • COVID-Response
    • BEAT COVID Task Force | Through Executive Order No. 16 issued in March 2020, the City Government has established a medical management and control team that will actively coordinate with the Department of Health, other national government offices, and offices within Pasig City for updates and guidelines on handling the pandemic. It is through the Task Force that the City was able to ensure that all resources and efforts are channelled in response to the pandemic.
    • COVID Referral Facility | The Pasig City Children’s Hospital was converted as the City’s COVID-19 Referral Facility on March 22, 2020. As the City’s dedicated COVID-19 hospital, it provided medical attention to those with moderate and severe cases of COVID-19. This conversion was pursued to reduce the risk of cross contamination among patients and helped minimize the use of personal protective equipment, and have allowed for the resumption of normal operations in the Pasig City General Hospital.
    • Centralized Quarantine Facility | The Rizal High School was converted as the City’s Centralized Quarantine Facility, where confirmed cases of COVID-19 are housed and necessary medical care for those undergoing quarantine and isolation are provided by medical professionals.
    • Incident Management Team
  • Pasig Molecular Laboratory | At the onset of the pandemic, the City Government has partnered with the private sector (i.e., Medical City) to provide testing services for Pasiguenos.
  • Crematorium
  • Pasig City Health Monitor | In order to help the City Health Department deliver on its mandate for better health outcomes, the City created the Health Monitor. It provides a real-time view of the city’s state of health that equip health officials to deploy the most optimal strategy
    • Patient Records | The central database of citizen medical records
    • Resource Management | Integrated inventory of the City’s health resources
    • PasigPass | The City’s QR-code based contact tracing solution that is effective, centralized, and contactless
      • Given the easy-movement of people within the Greater Metro Manila Area and with the objective of interrupting the spread of the virus, the City has started collaborating with other Local Government Units (LGUs) to interconnect with their respective contact tracing solutions
      • List of Interconnected LGUS
        • City of Valenzuela