Pasig Urban Settlement Office

Overall, the Pasig Urban Settlement Office and its three divisions are dedicated to a social service, which is to ensure that there is a home for every Pasigueño, regardless of their origins. PUSO manages all aspects of the city’s housing projects and funding for housing projects. These housing initiatives provide displaced families much needed shelter and a place to come home safely and away from danger zones.

Beyond the housing, PUSO also helps the settlers secure any necessary certificates and provide various social services that enable them to get back on their feet. With these services, all citizens of Pasig are able to gain a foothold, have safe homes, and have a place to call their own.

Available Services:

Public Housing Division (PHD)
  • Provision of public housing (lease-purchase/rent-to-own)
  • Provision of public rental housing
Urban Poor Services Division
  • Securing Certificates
Community Development Division
  • Social Services

Download the full Citizen’s Charter of the Pasig City Children’s Hospital’s services here.



Tricycle Operation and Regulatory Office (TORO)

The Tricycle Operation and Regulatory Office helps handle the processes needed by every tricycle operator group that ferries passengers throughout the city. Tricycles are one of the city’s major forms of public transportation, and as a result, there is a considerable number of tricycles, groups, and operators. Part of the necessary processes and services offered by TORO involve securing renewals of tricycle supervision, renewals of tricycle franchises, changes of ownership, and more.

The TORO is also responsible for aiding the organized bodies of tricycle drivers in securing special permits necessary to expand their work. And they can also step in to help an apprehended driver in recovering their license or their impounded tricycle during the event of traffic or road violations.

Available Services:
  • Securing Renewal of Tricycle Supervision
  • Renewal of Franchise
  • Change of Ownership
  • Change of Unit/Dropping
  • Special Permits
  • Redeeming an Apprehended Driver’s License or Impounded Tricycle

Download the full Citizen’s Charter of the Tricycle Operation and Regulatory Office (TORO)’s services here.