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Historical Sites


This oldest house in Pasig built by Don Cecilio Tech in 1846 has remained the home of the family over generations. One of his descendants, Dean Carlos Tech, was a noted historian who devoted hours of writing in his cozy study just above the grand staircase. After he passed away in 2001, all of the distinguished educator’s books, including original Spanish volumes, are still displayed on shelves and tables, almost as he had left them. These days, with its Spanish architecture, the house is a much-preferred shooting location for film and television.


Located just across the first city hall of Pasig, Plaza Rizal stands in honor of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. The plaza is also in the middle of a number of other historical sites in the area, among them, the Pasig Cathedral, the Pasig City Museum and Bahayna Tisa (House of Bricks).


This museum and art center houses the city’s historical and art treasures. Built in 1937, it was formerly known as the Concepcion Mansion, which was also a Japanese headquarters and detention house during the war. On February 19, 1945, the American flag was raised on the balcony to signal the end of Japanese occupation in Pasig. In the early 1980s, the mansion was acquired by the city government to accommodate the Pasig City Library and Museum. After its initial renovation in 2001, the museum became its sole occupant, as the Pasig Library moved to another location. The Museum has only recently undergone a second renovation as part of the administration’s objective of upholding the city’s historical and artistic legacy.


A cenotaph originally constructed in 1932, this monument pays tribute to the courage and leadership of the great Katipunero. Bonifacio headed the KatipunanAssemblea Magna, which launched the revolution known among local historians as Nagsabado.


This museum and art center houses the city’s historical and art treasures. Built in 1937, it was formerly known as

This venue for clandestine meetings of the Katipuneroswas a hollow among thickets where ULTRA’s amphitheater now lies. It is interesting to find a trace of history where modern edifices such as a sports complex and an international school have risen.


In 1587, the Immaculate Conception became the patroness of the Augustinian convent in Pasig. This cathedral held various treasures, among them the “Retablo,” which depicted an almost tropical motif, with palm trees and wells, and included the basic structure of the old church of Pasig – the dome and the tower – formerly known as “Solomon’s Temple.”

It was during the celebration of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in 1941 that former Mayor CiprianoRaymundo halted the procession to announce the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Gardens, Parks and Other Recreational Destinations


Also known as Pasig Central Park, this expanse of nature in Barangay Maybunga is an oasis from the city’s hustle and bustle. It includes a butterfly garden, a swimming pool, a pavilion, basketball and tennis courts, a fitness gym, a Senior Citizens Park and a Youth Training Center where leadership training seminars are heldThe entirety of the park can be quite a walk, but try the train for a quick trip along its main features.


This mini-theme park indulges a kid’s fancies with its hit rides such as the bumper boat and the tic-tac ride. Any little girl becoming a princess is a cinch at the first ever in the world, Pink Salon by Barbie, where she can get a makeover including a Diva Hairstyle, glimmer tattoo and nail art. Kids can also discover their inner chefs at Marta’s Cakes, where they can create their own masterpiece of a cupcake. And when energy is running low from all the fun things to do, kids can always make a brief stop at the Big Red Barn Resto, or recharge at the Little Lambs Spa.


The original zoo is farther East in Montalban, Rizal, but this 2,000-square-meter urban safari is just as delightful. Barely six months since it opened, Ark Avilon is already drawing hordes of kids and adults alike, eager to see a giant tortoise, a tiger, a lion and a jaguar up close. There are also less aggressive animals that kids can still have tons of fun watching, such as a python, an orangutan and the ever friendly and playful rabbits


The hub of business in the city, Ortigas Center is a concentration of media networks and call centers. Since the late 1980s, radio stations have been airing atop such buildings as STRATA 100, STRATA 2000 (formerly Strata 200), and, of late, the Jollibee Plaza. The most prominent call centers have also flocked to the area since the late 1990s.