Gift Giving at Pasig City Jail, PCGH, and Childs HOPE

At Pasig City, Christmas is for everyone! Patients of Pasig City General Hospital, Child’s Hope and even inmates of Pasig City Jail received Christmas Gifts by The City Official spearheaded by Mayor Bobby C. Eusebio and Former Mayor Maribel A. Eusebio. It is difficult and lonely at hospital and in jail but what makes them happy is the love and presence of their loved ones.


Christmas season of our Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association has become more meaningful when Mayor Bobby C. Eusebio and the City Council sponsored them a military-inspired theme Christmas Party. They were given a chance to enjoy thru dance presentation, games and raffles.


Employees of Pasig City Government are truly lucky and blessed every time Christmas season begins. Christmas Party every year culminates with department presentation, games and the much-awaited raffle.


Pasig City Government offers free Public Transport with its new eco-friendly buses. Pasig ComBus (Community Bus) is open for City Hall Employees, to public especially to Senior Citizen, PWD and to students. The said buses can seat 25 passengers and equipped with 4 closed circuit television cameras and GPS units for the safety and security of passengers. It is also compliant with Euro IV fuel standards In accordance with the Clean Air Act. Pasig City Hall employees and commuters can ride the buses from 9am to 10am; 3pm to 4:30pm and 6pm to 7pm. The buses have 2 routes within Pasig City surrounding areas: Purple Line & Brown Line: Dela Paz to City Hall Orange Line & Pink Line: Pinagbuhatan to City Hall This initiative is a project of Mayor Bobby C. Eusebio together with the City Council and the City Environment and Natural Resource Office.

The City Government of Pasig pursuant to the Revised Pasig Revenue Code of 2017

The City Government of Pasig pursuant to the Revised Pasig Revenue Code of 2017 offers you discounts when you pay your Real Property Taxes promptly effective January 2018.

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